About Sally

How long have you been doing what you do, and how did you become an astrologer?

     There was a defining moment in 2012 when I had my back to the wall, and I dug deep to create something out of nothing. That nothing was space, astrophysics, worth sharing in the coaching program I now offer. But let me go back to when I first looked into astrology. 

    I bought an encyclopedia on astrology when I was 19. I was selling plush toys door-to-door for a magician (since I'd quit my bank job), and was helping out in his shop and hanging out. He had this book on display in the sales case, and one on the tarot, so I bought them.    

Being an adult has always been really hard for me. I thought it would be easy but there was something fundamentally missing. I had been drugged before I was born with a drug called DES that fries your hormone system and causes all kinds of difficulties like infertility. I didn't even know, consciously. I just couldn't find satisfaction with any of the usual foundations that people turn to when becoming an adult. So I had just started quitting everything. I left home for college at age 16, then I found things letting me down and I would quit. I quit religions, countries, jobs. 

     So I had this astrology book by Thomas Mann, it covered everything, with lots of color and diagrams, pictures, case examples. And I felt, wow this is cosmic. I would keep browsing it and digesting what resources it offered. But I found the links between the cause and effect to be not so powerful. I could feel it had some validity but still not terribly practical. It felt like someone had given me something that I had to complete. 

      In those days, astrologers could be accessed in little booths at markets, or at offices they rented, with signs out on the footpath to catch local foot traffic. My father passed away, and he left me my birth time (and the first news about my DES poisoning). I got to consult with astrologers. At that time I still had my life ahead of me, but it wasn't looking terribly powerful. All the usual routes to success were difficult for me. I went to live in an ashram. This helped me network and learn. 

Me teaching in Korea. I became an expert in second language teaching over 11 years.

     I adapted to the native culture, and learned from Hindu culture. I had already gone deeper with my stepfamily culture of Samoan, and I had discovered the language of my Scottish ancestry. So I turned to teacher training. I also did a little astrology work for friends and family on the side, sometimes paid. I did a little phone psychic tarot reading. I was already a culture, health and environment advocate.

     I had developed a mission in life to create nine dictionaries on various world languages. To bring about racial harmony in the world through new linguistics and new resources. As I moved forward, and worked internationally, mostly in Asia and then in Saudi Arabia, I kept turning to astrology to help me solve my many problems. One day I got a big one. A big problem. 

     I was having a mix of personal failure and career success, and I made a slip in my mission of the dictionaries. I was launching the second one formally, and I knew the tribe was hostile.  On the other hand, I'd been received really warmly by a branch of the tribe in the pre-launch. Instead of going hard core to prove my work with hard evidence and win them over, I took the soft approach to try and build a cultural bridge. It was a failure, and the fallout online after I'd taken the story to an unscrupulous radio talk show was horrendous. 

     I felt like I'd sold my soul for so long to get ahead in my career in order to achieve success in my mission (the dictionaries), only to be slapped down. It was like the prenatal drug attack all over. That you are developing and readying for a brave new world and some foreign evil with its own malicious and selfish greedy agenda just wants to make everything infertile, a world power in local hands. And what could astrology do for me, at such an extreme stage? 

     This was not just the simple questions of daily life that you comfortably pore over in your monthly predictions. This was existential death. I'd had my future children killed before they could be conceived, now I was looking at my future book-children facing the same fate. Well, the first dictionary was already selling out, but the second had jeopardized everything. I was already 50, it was early 2012. There was no one who could possibly raise me out of this darkness. I had to find something within myself, and there was nothing. I'd already been giving my all, all my life. At that point in time, there was a new trend in astrology coming out. Fixed stars. The earliest form of astrology revisited.

    Marina Macario and Jamie Partridge had a fixed star astrology service, and I would read the predictions with all the mythology of these stars. It impressed me that the individual stars had so much tradition behind them. All I'd known up to that point were the zodiac signs and the planets. At this point, let me just mention that my Dad had been a physics major who'd wanted to be a super psychiatry professor. Of all his many kids, I was his spiritual protégé.

     Before my Dad died, he'd been passing some info to me on his own mission in life. His fall-back plan was to try and reconcile religion and physics using the idea of the space-time continuum. So this is what came back to me when I was sitting there in my apartment after work in free fall. After spending my days teaching professors in Arabia using a program I'd created for our academy team, I was at home reading about fixed stars, and thinking, what if I could take the star info further, using astronomy?

     At the time, I was learning how much influence Arabia had had on the development of science in the west. All my years spent teaching in different countries had been used to further my dictionary researches. Plus I liked to tailor lessons to the culture. I knew that Arabia had been a world leader in astrology and astronomy and had brought this and other sciences to the west in the Middle Ages. That the Greeks had learned from them in Egypt. I took a pilgrimage to Egypt for a few days. Since then I've been working to turn astronomy into astrology.

     I've been gathering all the data that science has produced since telescopes came out and science veered away from culture. I took that data and I converted it into auspices that would tell us about ourselves. That would show us details of our lives... to empower myself and others using our natal birth horoscope charts. I've used it with friends and online acquaintances. It's been extremely practical and reliable.

     When I started making myself do the case studies very scientifically, at first I worried that I was asking too much. But SIA came through. The sympathy and empathy, mainly understanding, that I gained toward the persons in the case studies affected me deeply. Sometimes after an intense research session  I felt them haunting me. It was my first time to understand other human beings in such a deep and genuine way. 

     Eventually I came upon the idea of astrology coaching. At that time I'd sold my house in preparation for my move to Scotland as not only my ancestral home but home of my foundation language for my linguistic work. Some of my first cousins had migrated there too, back to the ancestral land. Having no TV, I occupied myself by choosing one positive thing to do each day that I wouldn't otherwise have done. This enabled me to fast track my business learning with the help of many mentors, and to do new work on my mindset with their guidance. I did a lot of affirmations. 

     One day it happened, the big mindset breakthrough. I remember the exact moment. I was in the supermarket doing my job. Preparing for the day when I would be jobless and working on SIA alone. Suddenly it came to me that the customers and members of the public around me could be given my full love, without filter. I got the idea that I didn't need to keep this light of love inside me waiting for persons who would access it. I could just let it out to anyone. That was my true moment of transformation. My love became greater than the deep poison of DES and the unnecessary pains and endings and loss.

    Apart from my hippie years, and my long student years, I've always had to work full-time, up until November 2020. Transformation can take time. Plus after the first indulgence in exploring my own personal fixed stars, most of the work was in setting up the data from astronomy, and creating the case studies for cross-check, proof and clarity. The case studies also helped to create cultural auspices, which kind of wraps up the energy of the auspices, using my deep knowledge of human cultures and languages.

     As a dictionarian and maverick linguist I brought certain skills to the table in my astrology work, including the ability to hold meanings in my head and connect those to other types of meaning. One vocabulary to another, human character to use of the mouth and sound, environment and human experience, anthropology and language, religion and purposes for language, passion prejudice and speech, cultivation of personal identity through language, recipes for expression in language, language as boundaries and language learning for crossing mental spiritual boundaries (as well as physical geographical ones), history and language change. I fully believe that these are important resources for us moving forward. As above, so below. 

     Join me in accessing your deepest powers with this new astronomy-based astrology. 

Who are your clients?

     The people who appreciate my work the most are people who are hard working and sincere. Basically your everyday superhero who is trying to get the most out of life and to take care of the people around them at the same time. They know what it's like to work hard for something, and they appreciate the efficiency that a truly practical and reliable form of astrology can provide for them. Some of then have already done astrology. But it's not a requirement.

     Being used to hard work and problem solving, they know how to pace themselves with the new resource, to absorb the increased power that is coming to them, and to keep riding that wave forward. They are not easily satisfied with one leap forward, and they are not afraid of progress. Moving to a new level doesn't phase them, they adjust and re-orient. This regular everyday Practical Hero is the person who picks up on the subtle changes happening inside themselves and stays focused. 

     Some of them have suffered, and they are hungry for real solutions. Moving from darkness into light may be freaky but they recognize the goodness. They take their new pride in themselves in their stride, with modesty, and keep aiming higher. Some suffer on behalf of humanity or animals, plants or the planet and feel that desperation. Those who are already familiar with astrology tend to feel amazed at the accuracy of the SIA readings. Even though it's unfamiliar new territory they take comfort in being at the forefront of progress, and in getting so much more comfortable with themselves.

What makes you different from other astrologers?

     Other astrologers are willing to work within the system. They keep learning and developing. They delve into history and they seek ever better researches. They collaborate. They spend loads of time educating themselves. They do lots of calculations. All within 'the system'. What system am I talking about? The solar system and its planets. In this system, the zodiac signs are coded mythologies fed by thousands of years of synchronicities. 

     I've always been very stingy with my time, because my future was taken from me before birth. Not able to produce children, I have only this life to perform my deeds. I can't pass the buck to the next generation. Okay sure I can but you get my meaning. The drug DES has a history of making the mothers who took it agoraphobic and the daughters bipolar. My mother indeed has been agoraphobic. I've been given special cultural resources to prevent me becoming bipolar, but I am manic about efficiency. I need my astrology to be efficient, reliable and scientific.

     My work is in fixed stars. It really goes beyond our solar system. It uses astronomy very deeply, not in the service, but in the foundation. If you are familiar already with reading charts, I can tell you my placings, if you'd like to get an astrologer's eye on it. I am Libra Rising, have Neptune in Scorpio in 1H (1st house), Jupiter in Aquarius conjunct Saturn in Capricorn in 5H, SN (South Node) in 6H, Mercury and Venus in Aries in 7H and Sun in Taurus in 7H, Mars in Cancer in 10H, Moon and Uranus in Leo in 11H and NN and Pluto in Virgo in 12H. 

What type of person do you work best with, and what is expected of me?

     I work best with people who understand how much hard work matters. This person will evaluate their progress with a clear head, and recognize the cause and effect in our work. If their head spins from the awesomeness of the auspices, and how deeply the stars reveal them, they take it in stride and hold onto their aspirations. They read my sincerity where someone else might read disrespect. That's because their desire for true power is greater than their desire for social power.

     Traditional zodiac astrology can be limiting, but let me put it in traditional astrology terms. As a Libra rising, I own my judgments (about myself and others), as a Leo moon 11H I am friendly and supportive in business and sometimes vain about my work. None of us are perfect. I am that lioness on your side. As Venus and Mercury in Aries in 7H, I am outspoken but not just for me. I will argue on your behalf too. I will actively fight your darker side for freedom of your soul, no matter what our differences.

     They have a sense of responsibility and don't want to waste the opportunities that come to them through the stars. Any time you are feeling at sea, it will be best to express yourself so we can help you get your bearings in your new reality. You'll need to trust our confidentiality agreement, and it will probably help to participate in the online members' group I'm prepared to set up. While you may be focusing on different stars, you will be sharing a rare experience that is quietly mind-blowing.

     Your job would be to reflect sincerely, and to savor the case examples. To have faith in our shared humanity as you review how the auspices are happening in your life. To love the people in the case studies for their humanity no matter who they are. To let the acknowledgment from the stars sweep you into love and happiness, and keep applying yourself. To move step by step from the most comforting to the most serious of the auspices. To allow your faith in god or the gods or the universe or the creator and your own divine self to come forth or be renewed, when you are so moved. 

     To let yourself be great, as there will always be something that brings us down. We have to be grateful. Let go of the suspicious mind as the evidence convinces you. Be willing to be rational and let the old cynicism fall away. And to get the most out of this, embrace the new mindset actively, with guided daily affirmations.

    Your guided reflection on the past will process the downloads from the stars, and guided imagining of new possibilities for the future. A lot of people are cynical about affirmations, and they often make the mistake of thinking affirmations are easy. Easy in principle but in practice there is the darkness, and we make peace with that.

     You will need to provide some feedback to me as we go, in order for me to help you identify how the auspices and patterns are manifesting in your life. It might seem uncanny as if I were getting the information by psychic powers, but it's not. The auspices I provide are prescribed by the stars, and 100% reliable in every case. They have nothing to do with my impressions of you. So I'm not doing it by some direct line to your brain or your social media, however stunning the precision and accuracy is. I appreciate and need your feedback, to dig up the reality.

For what type of persons are your programs NOT going to work?

     My ultra premium program suits a client for whom money is no object. The more affordable program is stretched out very long. But there is still a lot to do. Either way, there is a lot to do, for yourself. There could be 50-100 stars in your chart. Each one is a world. It's going to give you very specific auspices to evaluate, in order to identify patterns. If a person isn't willing to work for the great rewards available in SIA, then it won't be a good investment. A healthy self-interest is necessary. 

     In today's world it's easy to be a hater. Life in an automated world can give us too much of what we desire - independence, freedom, power, It's why they say be careful for what you wish. A world too independent, too free, too powerful, can be out of control, inhuman and harsh. People turn cynical. No matter how dark your secrets and your sins, your suffering and your heart, I can work with you. But if you can't let go of cynicism and cruelty at the right time, this could be  a bad match. This program is going to call on you to move forward. And it's going to be my job to collaborate with you on that.

    Look, I know what it's like to be a bull-shitter. We do what we have to do to get by in this modern and often robotic world. In this gameplayers' virtual reality. Put it in traditional astrology terms, I have Sun in Taurus in 7H, and Neptune in Scorpio in 1H. I've got the bull and I've got the shit. Other people with Neptune in 1H include Princess (or Lady) Diana, and Taylor Swift. The delusions of life are in our faces all the time, and we embrace it. It's hard to bullshit a bull-shitter. Just so's you know. 

     I also know what it's like to be very short on cash,  to be dependent on others, and even short on credit. I've been homeless numerous times. I've been on a minimal income for most of my life, but I invested it all the way. We can take steps to change things in the long term. Gemstones are made by heat and pressure. So in that case I do have free resources for you to prepare yourself for doing an SIA program. A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step. Here is a link to my free resources guide page. 

    In time I will also be able to afford more employees to help me create resources such as apps, software, automated course systems, astrologer training systems and so on, so preparing with free resources is wise. This will be made possible by SIA premium program clients, to whom we will owe our gratitude. You can also find mindset resources on the above link. 

     There is also some preliminary work in an accelerated brief visit through traditional astrology. A round-up of solar system planetary chart reading before heading out to the distant stars. This is available for free. There will be some lifestyle reports available very cheap. Right now I'm exploring what I can make available at that level, like my Gothic Astrology traditional natal horoscope accelerated and short and powerful. This is if you don't want to use my free resources to DIY your horoscope, I may have a service to offer, depending if I can manage to fit it in. The Gothic Astrology is not fixed star astrology, but I will see if it can supply a little taste of it.

What exactly is the Super-Intelligent Astrology system, and what does it include?

     The system takes the auspices of each star that is activated in your chart. We will need your best estimate or records of time of birth to get the houses of the chart. We can do it fine without that, because the actual chart is a simple matter. The beauty is in the stars themselves and what they have to share with you. If your time is accurate, it gives us 12 more points to work with, the house cusps. 

     Each planet (and cusp if you have accurate birth time) will probably activate 1-4 stars. Sometimes more, occasionally none. Each single star is going to be a 3-step process. I will be guiding you through the reflections necessary, together with case studies to support the reflection. This is a gentle process of recognizing patterns in your life, with the help of the stars and fellow travelers on the planet who share your star. Like therapeutic massage, it may seem passive but it's a workout. 

     For ultra premium clients, a variety of additional support services are included to help speed your progress and help in healing and learning new life skills as required.  The work will also be a lot quicker with more sessions, with more time for moral support and guidance. Ultra premium is the super luxury service, but of course the longer contracted program is also great value. 

Does this really work?

     Every auspice of a star has to work 100% in every case. My case studies are like 4-8 PhD level studies on each celebrity or leader whose life provides a helpful case study for clients.  I then condense these down into the relevant points that clarify the auspices of that star, so you can get a human perspective. The benefit of those case studies is a huge part of the SIA horoscope. Each star is a world in itself, and serious astrophysical study has been done to produce auspices that align to the nature of that star. There will be around 7-11 auspices for each star, and they are intensely practical.

     You will understand those few celebrity and famous person case studies probably better than they themselves and their own family members understand them. Or their greatest super-fans. And the same will apply for yourself. This astrology system can open your heart to love.

What results can I expect?

  • A new foundation of strength and power
  • Renewed hope and faith
  • Recognizing good and bad patterns in your life, while loving yourself and others more deeply
  • Learning reliable sources of good fortune for yourself, verified by case studies
  • Feeling more relaxed and happy around others
  • Identify cultural resources specific to you, that can provide you refuge and strength
  • Love that comes from the bottom of your heart, and makes life more fun and exciting
  • A sense of order in the universe, and gratitude for the good side of science
  • A validation and clarification of your true beliefs
  • Help with your responsibilities
  • A profoundly personal sense of history
  • Massive insight into human nature and the needs and experiences of your fellow man
  • Good judgment
  • Ways forward
  • Protect yourself and your loved ones

Can I contact some of your former clients to see what it's like to work with you?

     Have a look at my testimonials. Here is a link. See which ones resonate with you. There should be some Facebook contact info there for those with whom I negotiated their willingness to be contacted. It's still early days so these will be shorter services that I offered them, mainly free. 

How quickly can I expect results?

     There are many dimensions to the results. Some will be immediate, because you will be amazed at how well the stars know you. You can also be amazed at how reliably the case studies demonstrate the truth of the auspices. This will give you a pride in yourself that is unshakable. The deeper progress will come from the adaptations you make to raise your expectations. If you are easily satisfied, even vain, it can be tempting to cruise as soon as you experience the euphoria of being understood deeply by the universe. 

     But the real results come from sustained work and modest efforts to accustom yourself to your new spiritual level, and press forward for more practical results. There are many levels of reflection involved. Sometimes we feel resistance at being understood so deeply. Some people get suspicious, perhaps paranoid. Or losing their shame may release an unexpressed arrogance in which they feel suddenly all their entitlements must surely come to them now. So this is an active process, and a lot of the speed depends on you.

How can I guarantee myself that I will get more success in beating my demons, in record time?

     While not forcing the spirit, you will want to pay close attention to the case studies and take notes on what each auspice means for your future endeavors. Sometimes progress also can depend on new levels of commitment and hard work. In your normal life, results such as this are usually the result of massive events in your life. Therefore the temptation can be to retreat from what the soul expects to be drama, disorienting changes and danger. You will need to be rational and call on your beliefs and faith to adapt.

     Even good things take adapting. Sometimes especially good things. The temptation can be to slow yourself down, unused to such easy progress, and suspecting a hidden force that could compel you at any moment. By using the guided affirmations daily and practicing the law of attraction, you can keep evolving and not backslide. 

I'd like to work with you. What are my options for getting started?

     It's my honor, and please do apply. With the ultra premium program, it depends on whether money is an object. If you have the freedom of wealth, you can choose that program. The other option involves a long contract, because we are going to spread the work out. But you will still have plenty to do. In either case I will be your guru or druidh, and a steady rock for you. 

Okay, I'm ready to use this astrology for myself, but I have some questions. How about if I call you?

     You can email sally@super-intelligentastrology.com   ...   or call +44 792 7053 487 (Scotland - I'm 8 hours ahead of the Pacific US Coast, and 5 hours ahead of the US East Coast. To go ahead and make an appointment to discuss joining a program please click the button, that will take you to a calendar for choosing your time and date. It will appear on your screen in your own time zone. Let me know if there are no times available to suit.