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PROTECT YOUR CHILD FROM HUNTERS: Pluto’s influence on youth of today


Keeping your child calm and happy in a crazy world can be mystifying. Their generation faces such different situations! The generation gap can be stunning. When it’s your child’s welfare at stake, how do you push past this? It’s not just little hurts to their pride. There are people who set out to steal your soul, who target you to conquer your spirit, even by appearing to be allies. Hunters of the soul. And Pluto has keys to help you identify the power struggles that are going on. Let’s first identify the Pluto generation in which your child belongs.

The current situation

Pluto has been in Capricorn since January 26, 2008, excepting the retrograde period. So these are kids that today in April 2020 are 11 years old or under. They will be undergoing a shift of Pluto into Aquarius, along with us all, in 2023. Currently there is a group of planets in Capricorn that have been conjuncting Pluto, and adding to the focus the world has on power issues of their generation, so they are very hyped up, witness young environmental activist Greta Thunberg. How is your Capricorn Pluto child handling Pluto’s influence during the time of Saturn conjunct Pluto off and on from May 2019 through 2020, and then Jupiter conjunct Pluto currently? Soon Mars will take its turn, more briefly, to conjunct Pluto. The Coronavirus has given many Capricorn Pluto kids a chance at more parental attention, and more freedom from school. Soon, in 2023, Pluto will be moving into Aquarius, and those kids will have new challenges. Every step away from our birth Pluto sign gives an added level of challenge to us as their elders. Aquarius will ask us to be very present as we deal with the moral and ethical problems created by human technology and science, and the gap between the knows and the know-nots.

The latest and greatest challenges, Capricorn Pluto kids

I always think it’s a good practice to ground yourself by asking how this influence is affecting yourself. Once you have gone through the dates above, and noted the events that occurred in your life during Pluto’s changing phases, you will be clear on your own perspective, and ready to dive into your child’s possible experience. Capricorn is the sign of the planner, an ambitious type. Your Capricorn Pluto child may be skilled at planning around power issues, so they are much more capable of understanding and talking through issues than you might realize.

This generation are vulnerable to educational wrong influences, including your biases. The more undogmatic, reasoned, believing and genuine you are, the better chance you have of being heard by them. So working on yourself is essential, you can look at your journey with your Capricorn Pluto child as a mutual journey of discovery. Radical honesty is needed. List your energy leaks in your life, the things that are losing power by not getting done. And get them done, so that you can be fully present. As long as you are too distracted by the stuff that is cluttering your life, things can happen of which you are unaware.

There is a different kind of hunter in Capricorn Pluto. It’s like the culmination of all the history of modernist games of human-hunting, and the long history of detective stories and rogue intelligence or corporatism, in which the good guys are hunted. They need every resource to win out. Planning in the era of Capricorn Pluto can involve unscrupulous types who like to manipulate and use others, as people of all ages adapt to Capricorn power. Pluto natives of other eras often bring baggage with them. Children face increased dangers in sex trafficking, and it’s not always what you think. Jeffrey Epstein did it by having high school girls’ peers recruit them and paid for referrals, $200 a referral, and he led them gently with low pressure to perform prostitution, from little things to more highly paid sexual acts. He was absolutely genius because he engaged the Capricorn ambition and negotiation.

Among their Capricorn Pluto peers there can be strong agreements of who’s the boss and how they should be obeyed.  They are a more hierarchical group, and it can be very hard for a parent’s influence to break in and protect them. Hone your negotiation skills very deliberately, don’t be ashamed about that. You need it.

Sagittarian Pluto versus Capricorn Pluto kids

As a Virgo teacher/ aunty/ thinker/ general laborer, I relate fairly well to those kids of Sagittarius generation who are more achievement focused. Born 1995-2008 roughly, Sagittarius can be unruly, and I’m not the biggest disciplinarian. Sagittarians can be very talented, they are awesome to behold. If you’re humble, you can sit back and just enjoy their power. Let them fly with that. A Sagittarius Pluto kid seems self-sufficient even aloof but this kid is going to have their moments when the competition of life gets to them. So they will need you to soothe away the stress. You can check out my health blog for some hints for this.

If Sagittarius Pluto kids fail to get attention at the rare time they need it, they can come to see life as unfair, and this would be a shame. Show a sense of humor with them, this is how they relax. The Sagittarius kid will know your heart is in the right place when you are pushing them to achieve. They don’t resent it. They like this kind of support.

The big difference between your Sagittarius Pluto kids born before 1983 and your Capricorn Pluto kids is going to be that the Sag-ies are a little bit proud while the Capricorns don’t have that. So don’t get stuck in the Sagittarius era and fail to recognize the upside of the serious Capricorn. You don’t have to be so afraid of offending them. Being a Virgo Pluto, I think I’m both fragile and tough. Capricorn kids are refreshing in this regard. They may make weird noises and seek attention, which can be super aggravating, sometimes you think they are pathetically soft and stuck in nonsense… but they are negotiable types. Take advantage of this. Why not! It’s win-win.

I’m a foster aunty to Maggie, a super-talented Sagittarian Pluto girl, who is now a young woman. (She’s at rear left of photo.)

Here are Sagittarius Pluto kids just going through the transition into Capricorn Pluto transit of 2008, actually during the retrograde back into Sagittarius. I worked my butt off to prepare several pieces of theater behind the scenes, and the kids helped me to design the dialog and the flow of the drama. Sagittarius kids’ energy can be strong, and moving into Capricorn they are struggling to find themselves as Capricorn is ambitious and planned.

A slightly chaotic creative space, allowing for problem solving.

Scorpio Pluto kids

Scorpio is Pluto’s home sign. Pluto is one of the ruling planets of Scorpio. So if you have a child born in this generation, they are very wise to the ways of power. It might seem to us as we get older that social concerns are less worrying. We become established in our own powers. But in fact each generation of kids lives in a more mechanized and distant social world, where every nuance of face expression and casual remark can be intensely dramatic.

Scorpio kids may lord it over their less tech savvy elders. Their generation are the first to come into a computerized world, though computers were still very hidden in the early phases of Scorpio Pluto. In their era, many things were cast in stone as to powers being set in place in the corporate, academic and political worlds. These things are really hard for anyone to grasp. Some Scorpios keep their sanity by escaping into creativity and entertainment.

The dark side of Scorpio power is very real, power operating in secret to put fundamental changes in place. So in Scorpio Pluto’s era it’s very much about being in the ‘in’ crowd. A Scorpio kid will appreciate if your heart is in the right place, and will cut you a break. But their generation have spokespeople who step up now and then to put the boot in and kick you into compliance or kick you out.

You should watch out that things don’t build up too long with your Scorpio Pluto kid, who are well grown up now. Just because things are going smoothly doesn’t mean that there aren’t critical issues coming to a head. You are expected to be proactive. How to handle that? I can only suggest fixed stars.

Current fixed stars conjunct Pluto (and Jupiter) at 24 Capricorn

alMizan (Deneb Okab) 23°38  Capricorn

Peacock 23°49    Capricorn

Terebellum  25°51  Capricorn

alMizan – Depopulation and a Messiah touch

This star gives us a person having to shoulder a situation. In fact alMizan people have a touch of the Messiah about them, in one way or another. The desperate search for power, including nuclear power, belongs to this star. Consider the case of Elvis Presley with Mercury on alMizan. He had a twin brother, and the brother was stillborn. Known as the king, he is the ultimate idol, even in gospel music. His film roles show him as a kind of Messiah, a maverick and loving person, often a pilot or doctor. He served in the military amidst the height of his career, a rare thing for an entertainer. Elvis was also part Jewish and part Native American, both races with survival issues.

Depopulation and other of the nastiest situations afflicting humans on the planet are the things that alMizan people are drawn into. alMizan brings up the experience of being hunted and being the hunter.

The star alMizan was one of an asterism created by Roman Emperor Hadrian to commemorate his catamite (a boy he used for homosexual sex) who drowned himself supposedly to fulfill a tradition of thus empowering the emperor. It was the time of the final revolt of the Jews against Rome in 132 AD, and the end of it was a brutal genocide in which Judea was thoroughly depopulated. This star asks you to look into your ethnic background and care about it.

These are the kind of things that alMizan people have to deal with. That is why we have the voice of Greta Thunberg telling us, we will never forgive you elders if you don’t act to stop climate change. Kids born in this time or going through this are not going to shy away from issues threatening our survival.

In today’s world access to power has become a problem, but people also have the online media to access the power of the people. The other problem for alMizan’s little Messiahs being that people lack the willpower to boycott and to take the ascetic approach, like going without things and simplifying. On the other hand by caring about our ethnic background and preserving our cultural and linguistic heritage, we can help harmonize humanity. This can deal with environmental problems at their roots. Not only the internet but language itself, and its telepathic harmonies, and genetic web, provide access to the human power base.

Peacock – Winning against haters

Peacock is a natural winner, this person is going to be dodging haters. Color will feature in their life, and gemstones can help them. They live their life as an ugly duckling, that is, a person who doesn’t get much admiration as a young person, but eventually gets there at some point. They are going to want your moral support during their youth, definitely.Brad Pitt, with moon and Venus on Peacock in 2H has been a kind of poster child for the ugly duckling, although he certainly wasn’t an ugly child. Then he became the poster boy for the handsome actor. But it’s only now that he is coming into his own, after going sober following the deterioration of his marriage to Angelina Jolie and their need to support their kids to their best ability.

When Brad broke up with Angelina he turned to painting to destress. So this is an option for people in quarantine, use art. Now you have the privacy and quiet to let visual art be a healing feature of your life. If your child has this star activated, it’s a good idea to support their artistic side, you never know when they might need this.

Terebellum – Food and outside forces

Terebellum when activated in your chart is going to make you to be a guardian of some kind. You can experience constant change in your life. Food is a big issue with Terebellum. It is recommended for you not to use nightshades, a family of plants. (See my Facebook page,  https://www.facebook.com/sallysnightshadespage/    )

As a current issue, zombified GMO foods need to become more of an issue. Some have hinted the coronavirus might be a GMO from biological warfare lab in Wuhan. In any case, gene guns shooting up DNA are like genocide of a whole species at once. It’s getting time we should have more unity against this. A child born during this time will require help to eat healthy.

One of the most significant dangers in the life of someone with Terebellum activated in their chart is that things happen to take away their status and power, coming from outside forces that they can’t control. Saddam Hussein had Jupiter activating Terebellum in 9H, the House of Justice. An outside force literally came into his country and deposed him, literally pulling down the statue of him, and hunting him to his hidey-hole in the ground.

Violent French criminal, who was once public enemy #1 in that country, had Mercury on Terebellum in 7H. He had a lifetime career of thieving and killing, but the one time he tried to go straight, building architectural models, outside forces acting on the company forced the elimination of his job. Restructuring is a danger to a Terebellum person’s job.

The Terebellum activated person is going to deal with struggle but they have a profound sense of humor. They will also have their inner circle. Take Joan Rivers for example, who had the Arabic Part of Assassination on Terebellum. She was a guardian of Jewish culture in a way, and fiercely unapologetic. She felt her role was to draw attention to cultural or race issues through humor, even if people were offended. Very blunt, she struggled during her career, and then she married a producer who took control of managing her career. When he killed himself due to illness, it was devastating for her.

But after her husband’s death she got bulimia from grief and stress, and it affected her throat. During exploratory surgery she passed away on the operating table. Terebellum people have some struggles with food.

We are looking at outside forces currently, closing restaurants due to coronavirus. Ultimately these outside forces come back to the karma of food. Tiger Woods is born with this star activated, he has a restaurant. It’s not a sponsored one using his name, but one genuinely created by him that serves the food he likes, and he likes to eat there.

He has to watch his diet. Unfortunately likes meat and potatoes, potatoes being a nightshade. It’s bad for arthritis and spine etc. Tiger was in a career slump, then got back surgery to fix chronic back pain, a desperate last resort type surgery, and he started winning again in his sport. His mother’s Thai heritage has a lot of chili nightshade dishes, but also a lot of fruit, which Tiger likes. He eats 5-6 meals a day to keep up his energy.

Tiger has Mercury on Terebellum on the cusp of 5H. (I also have Terebellum on the cusp of my 5H.) He’s very entertaining on the golfing green, and always attracts the cameras. As a person of color in a formerly white sport he had to struggle. But he got there. He got caught out as a serial cheater in his marriage though. He was keeping his affairs under wraps, but outside forces intervened.

Tiger put his then lover on the phone to his wife to convince her nothing was going on, a day before a tabloid exposé appeared. His wife took it further and checked his phone, and found out otherwise. She chased him out the house with a golf club, and he crashed his vehicle in the getaway. Thus the outside force of his wife’s attack brought the news out and ruined his career, along with his chronic back pain problem.

We are all going through a Terebellum moment with coronavirus deaths spreading worldwide and economic disasters, some communities and jobs being affected while others not so much. We should take the lesson of nightshades to heart, and other food karma, and be better in our food choices. If your Capricorn Pluto child is born now under this star, you should take help them as best you can to eat intelligently, as outside forces of karma are hard to control.

With Terebellum, you are what you eat. In this context, your karma is the hunter, but hunting others in the food department can backfire. This happens in a passive way too. For humans, often our hunting is done by setting up systems in our lives. These can be bad karma. They trap us, and they trap others. Food is a preoccupation for any animal, throughout their daily life. How is food controlling your life?

Helping them to develop the sense of humor that will be so important in their life is one of the best things you can do.

For some good Terebellum style humor to help us through quarantine, I recommend a whole series of hilarious Chris Mann parody song videos…    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EqfHd_zMiIA




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