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Fixed Star Horoscope

Part 1: Cancer, Leo, Virgo

Still haven't quite figured out fixed stars? Let me help you with my astronomy-based system, Super-Intelligent Astrology. We will do a quarter of your horoscope, the above three signs. I will get you results! Very detailed and precise, be amazed! The stars know you very well, and have many resources to help you. See celebrity comparisons, to know you are not alone. Work on mindset as we go, with personalized guided affirmations.


  • Get definite certainty about your life, skeptics welcome
  • A strong foundation of faith based on certainty and clarity
  • Get control of damaging situations and circumstances, including long term problems
  • Understanding yourself will help you to be more relaxed
  • Natural humor and mental powers flourish, unleash creative forces on your life plan
  • The ultimate journey to the distant stars with astronomy-based astrology - you have been to the crossroads, and won perspective, it will be like 'before and after'
  • Manage issues about the validity of astrology more easily, eg. with spouse, boyfriend or girlfriend, family members
  • Take control if someone else is astro-analyzing you
  • Be joyful and enlivened in daily life, knowing your patterns positively
  • Know the universe of stars reflects your reality in fine detail and compassion, no matter what shame you carry
  • See exactly how particular star pattern dynamics play out in your own life and comparably in the lives of celebrities
  • Release your compassion for yourself and others, see how certain famous people experience the exact same things
  • Hear deep detailed stuff about yourself for the first time, that you hadn't dared to realize but that makes total sense
  • Build intimacy with certainty that you are not alone, case studies are 100% across all portents, entirely reliable
  • Be ready for a solid business approach with firm decisions and commitments
  • Take the actions that no one told you to take, which you knew deep down you had to action, the path is clear
  • Return to the center of your universe and trust your judgment, because you know yourself without a doubt
  • Easily achieve problem-solving willpower based on knowledge and conviction and specific personalized affirmations
  • Curb comfort spending, indulgences and expenses caused by wishful thinking, you don't need that shit anymore
  • Identify your own needs in a timely manner, be resourceful and manage distractions or detours
  • Be really clear on what you want and need, so maximize money management skills and risk management
  • Get a sense of belonging, and faithfully reach out to get and give help
  • Use Super-Intelligent Astrology to help the people you love
  • No need to go everywhere looking for something outside yourself
  • Save time convincing others, get straight to the point with the leadership of love and power
  • Love flows more freely when you are in harmony with the universe

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What Our Clients Say

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Marina, Astrologer

Dark Star Astrology

Thanks Sally, I never really considered Rigel as my rising star… But you are right, when I wrote about XX, Rigel came up for me and I have always been drawn to it in the sky.... Wow, where do you get all this information from? You need to write a book! ...Yes all this makes sense with what I do. haha! That’s quite funny. yes I know the XXX thing too. Have to hold back on that sometimes with XXX… I very much appreciate you sharing it and look forward to the book. You have also inspired me to look at crystals more…

Yoga Teacher / Healer

My name is Ratnamurti Saraswati. I’d had my chart done before by 2 astrologers and so was interested to see if Sally could come up with anything different

Each part of the reading made me want to hear more as it was very accurate and covered aspects that no astrologer had told me before, so I was eager to hear more each time. Honestly it was like someone peeking into my deeper being.

The main nugget was that I needed to do business. For next year I shall be creating a balance on spirituality and business plus building up my private life to match how my public life looks (all this gleaned from the reading)

I would say to someone who could be interested in a reading with Sally that it helps with our deeper nature and gives guidelines about how to deal with things which is rare. Sally touches your heart with her beautiful readings and shows us that our gifts many of our problems are indeed Written in the Stars.


Sally-Anne Lambert

How long have you been doing what you do, and how did you become an astrologer?

To answer this question, it’s probably best that I share with you a defining moment, and a resulting story that brought me to where I am today – coaching people like you on exactly what to do to beat your demons using astrology. That defining moment in my life happened in 2012. My father was not there for me. 

Let me go back to the time he died in 1984. Standing in the bedroom he’d shared with my stepmother in tropical Samoa, as family members came and went, I tuned out and looked into the yellow envelope he’d left for me, one for each of the kids he had custody of from his 2nd and 3rd marriages. There would be no more long weekly 20-page letters answering all the matters I’d raised in my previous letter and mentoring me in physics and spirituality. This was it. 

There was not so much in the envelope. Several pieces of intrigue solved – why I was infertile (my mother had been given the DES drug when she was pregnant), ... why I’d been convinced to go study in Hawaii and be an American like Dad - (he had paid an acquaintance there to buy tourist booklets and have his daughter post them to me). And a page torn from his diary in 1961. My time of birth. Now I could go ahead and delve into my personal astrology, after studying all about it in the Thomas Mann encyclopedia I'd bought from a magician employer.

My father was not there when I finally succeeded in getting my teaching degree, nor when I launched my mission in life to solve racial disharmony through new language resources, the Word Encyclopedia brand. He told me I'd lost my chance when I first quit college, cos it happened to him twice. When I was persecuted by unjust professors, he was the only one who understood. But it probably was the final straw that killed him. I taught at universities and academies in Asia for about ten years. Then I went to Arabia for my final stint, just after publishing my second Word Encyclopedia.

Then it happened. Having taken time out from creating a unique English training program from scratch including study materials for upskilling of professors at the largest women's university in the world, I met with tribal leaders in Sitka, Alaska all on my own expense, where I entertained them in their meeting house which I rented out, with snacks and paid assistants and a powerpoint presentation, and complimentary copies of my book. The only thing I'd neglected was to focus on the language. I was so busy making a cultural connection, cos I knew they were hardcore resistant people.

And then I went to a radio station to bring the story. They did an interview, the tribal language teacher I'd invited turned up after I'd already done my share of the interview. We talked and I returned to Saudi Arabia. A month later, the station host had created a hate campaign with the local tribe, presented excerpts from my 45 min interview that made me into an idiotic new age maniac, and created a perfect piece of outrage and ridicule to titillate racists of every stripe to the max. Of course hate poured over me with every snarky comment his lies had elicited. I had nowhere to go with it. The English had repeated what they did to another Scot, William Wallace, without ever having to draw and quarter me! And no one, but no one, would come to my aid! I was universally hated from every possible perspective imaginable.

Then I turned to astronomy to get my astrology rock solid. I made a pilgrimage to neighboring Egypt. I bought a piece of desert land in Washington State, and I embarked on a period of hard labor and hard study, working among the Mexican farm laborers, laboring in a supermarket fresh department, developing real estate on the side. I continued to supply information to various Native American tribal leaders, and give copies of the book to regular people of tribal origin I met, And always always developing my database of astronomy of the fixed stars and interpretations and case studies, I got mentored by great leaders in online business, and I am here.

Who are your clients:?

My clients are regular people like you who are trying to get an unfair advantage in life over power struggles. The would like to shout out but they are not yet sure what to say or how to say it. They suffer with little relief the illness of loved ones, the difficulties of life, frustrations in love, the need to get their career on a better track. No matter how much confusion you go through, or even hate, indifference or false love, I am here to help. Even if you have done very bad things, we can fix that. My clients would like to get a shortcut around the hates and jealousies that infect their peaceful existence. Deep down they would like to deal with health issues, and also feel empowered against the huge forces of corporatism, centralized power and automated impersonal systems controlling them. If they thought about it, they might like to win an argument once in a while over the values that they hold dear, or not need to recycle those arguments, over and over in their minds, lacking the status to speak freely and be respected for it.

They have been getting by without feeling that they could remove whole obstacles easily, with a new astronomy-based astrology, not dared to imagine the huge power becoming available to them, to refocus their efforts with star power. But they can smell it in the air, they have been moving in the right direction, guided and following their instincts. They are people who care about their effect on the world, and want it to be better, who sense their greater potential and are trying to reach it... all in spite of paralyzing anger, betrayal, sin, injustice, indulgence, failures, addictions, fears and griefs

They would like to see there is an intelligent plan, and how things have worked out for others under the same influences. They are surprised to look at familiar celebrity examples and go, wow that's exactly the same as me, who would have known!

What makes you different from other astrologers?

My method is based on astronomy. I have found that astronomy also verifies my intuitions which have been honed through a life of in-depth scientific research. I found I am even often able to intuit the physical science of a star before I uncover its science data, because all is one. I have become very much at one with astronomy, and find it correlates perfectly with my interpretations. The portents gleaned from astronomy and tradition are honed by very in-depth case studies of celebrities for perfect reliability 100%. I'm a Taurus 7H sun, and I've had it with vague generalities, my Libra rising wants clarity and full efficiency. My Leo 11H moon wants to be proud of my system knowing it works perfectly..

With my Capricorn Saturn 5H conjunct Aquarius Jupiter and Jupiter conjunct Arabic Part of Astrology, I look forward to owning a telescope of my own in future, and having its software able to help me locate stars with ease so that I become entirely familiar directly. My 1H Scorpio Neptune is able to take advantage of tradition without being seduced by it. With my 12H Pluto and North Node I have traveled the world and work with all cultures and languages to bring about peace. I know that you live in a social and cultural context. I am working with gems and new chemistry as well as astrophysics, on an AS ABOVE SO BELOW basis. My Cancer 10H Mars doesn't take any bullshit and I won't feed it to you either. My Aries 7H Venus and Mercury will give it to you straight with full love and guided affirmations for your positive mindset moving forward. Lastly my Leo 11H Uranus will surprise and delight you!

What kind of person do you work best with, and what is expected of me?

I work well with any kind of person, but the best way for you to work with me will be to reflect on your life, and be able to pull up instances of experiences that are prompted so we can work through those efficiently. I prefer a person to be less dogmatic, and more trusting, but don't worry we can deal with that. The most important thing is taking time for yourself in this period of coaching, when you are nurturing yourself back to happiness, and into power. You will need to carve time out from your busy responsibilities and interests or habits, to work on yourself. The more that you repeat the daily affirmations, and adapt them to suit you, the better your progress will be, because mindset is a foundation for progress. We are not here just to validate you, we are here to move you forward and out of problems. So it takes faith and commitment. You're here now, so good job!

You need to reveal what has happened in regard to star portents, so we can ensure we have covered the bases of the patterns revealed. No detail is too petty to be a part of the patterns so don't hold back. :) Some things can be very personal, you may never have discussed them with anyone before, you don't have to go into every embarrassing detail, and we will have a lot to cover. You will hear a lot of things about yourself, and your tendency will be to cherry-pick the ones that take the least work, and the least courage. So just be mindful to try and listen to all the portents, they are not my guesswork, and they are not psychic pronouncements, though they may appear to be magickal. Consider the case studies, and look outside yourself at the experiences of those people, as it will help you a lot, to have faith and knowledge for your own transformations. .You are really not alone at all. It's only when you know the star patterns you see people's lives clearly, and then you realize, shit! that's the same as me. We are on this journey together, so this is a voyage of discovery we share.

Getting told about yourself deeply personal stuff that no one would tell you in a million years, it can make you feel like, okay been there, now I'm going to get on with my life successfully. But I need you to work through the whole program and not be flighty about it. Finding the roots of the drama is a hard experience because there is always a part within ourselves, our dark side, that plays into it. Part of you is accustomed to downplaying the seriousness of the problems, out of fear. Believe me, it's hard for me too when I do my own horoscope, which also has to be done in pieces not all at once. The realizations are profound, and they are the ones that you've been wishing you could realize but couldn't exactly grasp it in your power. Don't go off half-cocked now and rush off with it. Rome wasn't built in a day, but in 90 days we can achieve a lot! That is the journey. It can also be very funny! And at the end of that there is always more if you want it, I will cycle on to Parts 2, 3 and 4, and then the Arabic Parts and more. When I'm ready. This Part 1 will be available for a limited time.

For what kind of persons are your programs NOT going to work?

The Super-Intelligent Astrology services, programs and products are created for people who are serious about improving their life and excited about getting answers. If you are more worried about what people are going to think (me, and anyone who might get clues from you once you admit certain things to yourself) then Super-Intelligent Astrology may not be for you, especially if you like to stick to old ways no matter what, to stay with what 'everybody' thinks. This is a brave new world right here, you got to shit or get off the pot! Also I'm not a person to go round and round in philosophical analysis. I'm about moving forward. So I might be tactless about that, blame my Leo moon and Aries Mercury Venus, as well as my Cancer Mars :P But I'll support you all the way!

If you are struggling financially it may be hard to focus and to afford it, in which you can take advantage of my free blog, follow me on social media, and also there is a paid members' club that is easier to afford, all at . The good old email newsletter. You have to be ready to invest in yourself, and brave enough to go through the darkness and come out the other side. It's not teleportation, you will still be in one piece :D

What is Super-Intelligent Astrology™, what does its 90-day Beat Your Demons program include? 

Preliminary Live Zoom Meeting

We will send you an email, and from there you will get access to a form to enter your birth data (try to prepare by having as accurate birth time as possible, guess if no info available), from there you will get to set an appointment on the link to my calendar, according to both our availability. This meeting will give us a chance to connect if we haven't done so already, and for me to hear your expectations, goals and needs.

Horoscope Chart and Fixed Stars pdf arrives in your email

How much I give you before our live video sessions will depend on how you prefer to learn, so I won't overload you with stuff. You will get the graphic chart, and the list of stars that we are going to cover in one quarter of your horoscope, which will be Cancer, Leo and Virgo. I will list the case studies for you and the portents of each star that we will focus on in the upcoming session, so that you can be ready, and have a chance to reflect on your relevant experiences, which will enable us to get better use out of our online face-time. Seeing how others experience the same influences can help you to better reflect on your life. .

Feedback Process via Live Zoom Meeting

We will set up nine face-to-face online meetings over the 90 days of the program, one by one. You will choose your time from my calendar. We are going in depth on how the patterns from each star play out in your life, and you will be sharing how the interpretations played out in your experience, so that we can work out how the dynamic is affecting you and how to move forward. We will start the first month with what fixed stars are activated in your chart in Cancer sector. A cusp does count if time of birth is accurate. We will spread the stars out across the nine meetings so that we are using the time fully. If by chance there is not much in this quarter of your chart, we will include more things at my discretion.

Guided Personalized Daily Affirmations

I will send you a series of jpeg graphic files by email, to help you focus on the positive... Affirmations, if you've never done this, are like a prayer said in the present tense as if it's already real. You can search Esther Hicks on Youtube to get a preview of how to do it. By repeating these mantras with faith and emotion you can adapt your mindset in order to realize your goals. and heal wounds. This is an important part of your personal transformation. Speaking these out loud, and internalizing and repeating them in spare moments or in crisis will establish your progress and new foundation for living.

Free trial membership of Super-Intelligent Astrology club resources, NO auto-renew

You will get a password, and get to preview upcoming releases of products and services, and have access to a video library and pdf reports, and special information found nowhere else. Eventually I hope to include access to my proprietary calculator app for producing a beautiful pdf report listing which stars are activated in your chart. It's all the latest and greatest! We'll give you the opportunity to subscribe to it after the program ends, but we won't automatically bill you.

FREE BONUS! pdf report: How to Use Bedouin Astrology

This is a graduation present, for when you complete your 90-day program. Most of the stars have Arabic names, that's because the sciences came to us from Arabia in Medieval times, then universities started to be established. And before that early Arabic astrology was used by the Bedouin desert nomads under clear desert skies, and that is where the youth of the nobility, probably also Jesus, went to gain wisdom and power. It is a simple ecosystem of natural animals and people reflected in the stars, You can apply it to your horoscope, and you will also get to see how to use Arabic Parts, which can greatly enrich your horoscope.

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m not a Zoom customer. Can I join?

You sure can. It's free, and the first time you use it allow some extra time beforehand to register. Whenever you link to Zoom a second link will appear at the bottom of your screen as an icon. You will get some reminder emails as the time gets closer with the link to the meeting.

Can I ask questions?

Absolutely! These sessions are for you. Bring your questions and participate, your feedback is essential to the coaching process. On a voyage to the stars, it's always good to know what you are doing!

Will it be an instant reading?

No, instant reports are computer-generated. This is a human coaching process. Placings are limited, but it will still take me time to get to each person nine times over the 90-day period. So take time to prepare by evaluating your star portents and cases. This is an important step you are taking in your life, and it's absolutely worth it!

Will the session be recorded?

There is a record button you can use yourself on the meeting screen. I will guide you along.

What if I register but can't make it?

It’s all good. You can register for another session at a more convenient time. Try to make it though, as time slots can fill up fast, and I will be juggling commitments to make enough time slots available. We will have to go back and re-send the calendar link to your email. Let me know so I can get the calendar fixed and link re-sent.

Do you offer refunds?

Yes, if you are unsatisfied after the first meeting you can apply for a refund. Please contact us directly as a chargeback on our account can have serious consequences.

What are fixed stars?

They are simply stars, which make a still moving backdrop for the moon orbiting us and the other planets orbiting around our sun. Their fixed locations enable us to navigate and predict. There are about 300 that have traditional names, which we will potentially be using in your chart.