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Have you ever found that your social status continues to dictate your success or failure?


People are really amazed at the clarity of this astrology. It will bring up your real experiences in life. It will be more practical than ambiguous psychology which may provide relatable diagnosis but lacks in fulfilling your self improvement goals.

Like it or not, we humans are social animals. We are profoundly affected by the quality of our family life. Our social experience dictates much of our potential as we seek to unfold our goals and dreams.

Thinking ourselves to success can be accomplished to some extent by positive thinking and creative thought, as in Law of Attraction. But spiritual and cultural factors tend to remain outside these parameters also, if only by habit. And many of the family realities remain unaddressed. The energy to express these sentiments is also needed.

Our minds tend to be dominated by what is going on with other people around us, even when we are somewhat alone. Patterns of behavior cannot be easily changed by simply deciding. 

That’s where Super-Intelligent Astrology brings us the fully human experience, guided by Creator God stars who are born, live and die like us. They live in star families and sometimes alone.

They spend their lives creating the matter of this universe by fusion (not fission like atom-splitting, but uniting atoms to create elements starting with the lightest and building). They are perfect guides to our real life experiences.

No matter how dark your life may seem, with shame, loneliness, even sins, this astrology will provide natural means of improvement that hit the nail exactly.

The family-friendly approach is so strong with Super-Intelligent Astrology that it has even been found that a particular star’s presence ran in a family line, pointing out family dynamics across generations.

I began exploring how accurate astrology could be in 1980. Throughout the years I kept searching for greater accuracy. I found astrology helpful, but in 2012, I was struck by great social conflict while working on my mission in life. 

It was in Saudi Arabia, after 11 years of fulltime teaching and curriculum design, mainly in East Asia, that I arrived at a point in my mission in life. I had published a successful dictionary of the New Zealand Maori language, that is kept in some of the most prestigious university libraries around the world.

I was working in the flagship university of female education in the Islamic world, having created a program for teaching professors. I was enjoying exploring the scientific leadership of the golden age of Islamic science, with its encyclopedic minds that produced the books that inspired science in Western Europe in the Middle Ages.

This was a good point of cultural bonding with my students, for conversation. It was with Chinese students starting in 2004 that I’d really begun to learn to make conversation on demand, and this has been an important social skill.  I even completed my second dictionary while in China, the Native American one.

That's where almost 20 years of work came up against implacable forces in the site of the former Russian colony in Alaska. I tried a soft approach, my mistake. The hostility had intimidated me from showing my real strength scientifically. The PR effort got taken over by enemy forces.

The impact and future of that dictionary is still in doubt. Entrenched hatreds and a global village dominated by profit motives centered on genetic manipulations (GMO) has taken hold, multiplying anxieties.

I was a child of 11 years when I first had to adapt to a whole new language and culture, in a primitive setting, even using sticks to make fire.

I learned the tribal way of life, the island way of life, the way of life that depends on social skills not money, that depends on the body’s skills and the ability to make things, do things, the will to contribute, the ability to deal with boundaries in a harmonious way.

While I had some strong social advantages, I also had some disadvantages. I was never a brain in the usual academic sense. I need a cultural approach. My work at universities was always blocked by aggressive and jealous teachers.

When you encounter jealousy it can be very hard to get beyond it. It is usually anchored in some common agreements or typical behaviors and beliefs and practices shared in society. Even when you are very skilled and have natural social skills, it can be hard to move past these things.

In 2012, I came up against a large barrier in this form, great hostility shared by many sectors of society worldwide. The hate against myself and my imagined spirituality was strong, and the ridicule and mockery was nasty. I felt my mission in life was endangered.

That mission is to produce nine dictionaries on different world languages, with a native approach that circles around tedious linguistics, a linguistic bias in conventional science that is widely based on colonial views and unscientific practices and ideas. My research in anthropology, in addition to comparative vocabulary work, and new advances I’ve created in psycholinguistics, has confirmed the better science I’m advancing.

But things can change hard, especially when vested interests are very big and strong. A long history of abuse and racial disharmony can be very daunting to face and defeat. My distress at this point in 2012 was compounded by a final failure as a woman to have kids, due to poisoning prenatally for one thing.

So I felt myself at a dead end in many ways, not least of which I had spent my life supporting anti-colonial rights, and needed to get back to my own heritage. Just when I hoped to turn to my own personal needs, I was met by hatred and the birth of cancel culture in my own life.

English teaching had never been my goal, and I needed to stop selling out my own Celtic and French heritage and get out of the perpetual poverty of a wandering philosopher and start making some money for my old age.

Fortunately I was living under the desert skies of the most advanced astrological culture in the world, the Bedouin deserts of Arabia, from where the names of our visible stars came, that are still used today in science such as astronomy. I made a pilgrimage to Alexandria, where the Greek astronomer-astrologer Ptolemy had lived and worked.

I had seen Marina Macario’s astrology service using fixed star insights, and I was inspired by this more direct approach to the stars, and the more ancient traditions based on individual stars, before zodiacs and moon mansions were devised.

I began to delve into the astronomy and physical data of the stars, and to seek an accuracy to astrology that had so far eluded me in its perfection. Later in 2017, under other desert skies in Central Washington, USA, I came to find that I could determine the auspices of a star more perfectly without the myths, but with the physical data of the star alone as the core.

From there, I was able to demand 100% accuracy in my case studies for every single auspice recorded. This proved to be doable, despite my reservations. So that is what I am offering you now.

What I want to offer first is a luxury service, as I’m still doing some data crunching for half of the named stars in the sky. This kind of precision has come at a cost of years of intensive work. I’ve done menial but very positive physical work during these years since discovering this star power in 2012, and I’m very happy to be able to learn online business and offer a modern service that truly addresses our social needs as human beings.

While I have now moved to cloudy Scotland, my ancestral land. I hope you will join me in this great exploration of human potential as guided by the stars. The potential starting with your own self, but not excluding the people in your life who play a vital role.

You will see how wonderful your path is, as you explore how some famous people in case studies have experienced the same dynamics as yourself, and the creative ways in which they have responded.

Most certainly you will know that in your struggles, joys and despairs you are not alone. There are clear and definite practical ways forward that are very doable. 

This is how we do

Prepare to be amazed at how accurately (and helpfully) your life is depicted by Creator Star gods

Getting started

Concise planetary astrology

The planetary astrology is the traditional astrology, based within our solar system. This is a very concise version of that. We get to the essence of the important things in life (often entirely missing from other readings) very quickly. Strap yourself in for a fast ride in this introductory stage.

If you choose to use the monthly membership option (Philosophers' Astrology Café), you will be able to learn to do this very quick and incisive form of chart reading.

We will look at the planets, your houses if your birth time is accurate, and the angles between planets in general, especially composed aspects which reveal a lot of the dynamics of your life.

In this practice we do affirmations throughout, to establish the positivity in the personal challenges. For some people this is a very great emotional relief. 

If affirmations are new to you, I recommend Esther Hicks' videos freely available on YouTube as a support. But I will supply some affirmations tailored to your situation.


Fixed Stars precision

Focusing in on key points

Issues that need help will come up in the planetary reading, then we will go into the fixed stars that are found at the location of planets and house cusps and other key points in the chart. 

This is the part of the system that is particularly scientific. The auspices or predictions of each star are arrived at by virtue of the physical data of the star, astrophysics and astrometrics.

The results are fully accurate, and case studies will not only prove that to yourself, but also will give you companionship on your journey in life. The famous persons whose cases we will view will inspire you with their lives lived by the same stars as yourself. 

As we work through your chart with the fixed stars, you will have depending on zodiac location, about 1-5 stars usually on each point in your chart.

We will work through these to understand how your planetary influences are really manifesting, and how to improve in these areas. Transits can be referred to for current influences.


Lifestyle Reports

More how-to resources for life

With my in-depth experience of world cultures, and my ability to filter out the fluff in daily life, I have accumulated a ton of practical wisdom in healthy and practical lifestyle options. I want the guidance of the stars to be as easy as possible to put into action in practical terms. 

Some of the main areas I have specialized in are posture and yoga, Samoan massage, emotion-based herbal healing, numerology-based memory search, biblical healing, gem healing, cultural and linguistic healing, nutrition, nightshade-free cooking and raw foods, synchronicity, oracles and I Ching, feng shui, education.

Recognizing that many of the auspices' practical guidance call us to learn a lot about life, I am creating these reports as a short-cut to years of life experience learning how to improve our lives. 

My childhood grounding in primitive lifestyle gave me a sense of what is essential, and what I could do without. Years in an ashram allowed me to learn from others, to teach and serve. 

In my sojourns in other countries, I always was attentive to the wisdom available. 

I will be rolling these out gradually. I expect some of them will be accessible in the membership area.


Philosophers' Astrology Café

This is a membership platform

This paid membership has a selection of useful guides for the quick planetary chart reading, even if you are a beginner. 

New resources are continually being added so that you can get the most out of fixed star astrology, while maximizing your quick and efficient use of traditional planetary astrology.

This is a very affordable option, and a fun way to develop your effective use of astrology for yourself and your loved ones. I have a number of professionals who appreciate the fixed star resources available through Super-Intelligent Astrology.

Fixed star astrology, the most ancient form of astrology, is coming back into use again as a hot trend in the astrological world.

New resources are constantly becoming available, and a variety of mediums gives you different ways to learn. 


Join the Facebook Group

'Fixed Star Guidance System'

I've been contributing pretty much daily to this group since early 2021, so it is a good resource. As of August 2022, it has over 130 members who joined organically. 

I was happy to share my ongoing personal deep dive into my own fixed star astrology for my own personal growth on there. We tend to have a post for the main phases of the Moon, and other various current planetary events. 

A lot of the posts are fun case studies, with a wealth of links to see how famous persons express the auspices of a particular star in their own lives. Much of the links are YouTube videos of short to moderate length. 

Sometimes there are some insights into the current energies, or into current affiars. 

One of the useful things about a Facebook group is that you can also use the search tool to search posts for keywords, such as star names. 


Luxury Coaching Program

Full year intensive support

Your own personal astrology guide, helping you unpack very specific star guidance in your birth chart. Current planetary transits will also be considered for your best advantage.

Some in-person work will be available to suit your needs, supported by zoom meeting. All my healing skills and cultural skills will be at your service as a bonus contribution to your greatest success. 

Areas you'd never considered developing will be opened to you, as natural avenues to prosper you on your path. I will be holding your hand, either literally at times or figuratively. 

As you review case studies and see the parallels in different lives that compare to your own, on specific star auspices, you will be deeply enriched and individually empowered.

You will begin to see parts of your life in an entirely new clear light with real improvements easily envisioned. Your social status can always be improved, no matter its current state. 

The wealth of understanding below the surface, of your own life and the lives of your case studies, will inspire you with the glory of humanity. Things you've always desired and always been concerned about, often not voiced, will make sense. 

This is cutting edge astrology and service. Real world problems will not be glossed over, but will appear in their true form, where they can be dealt with effectively in practical steps. 

No matter what your field of work, your roles in life, and however you may be struggling, or succeeding, this system will give you useful ways forward. I created this for myself after 30+ years of exploration, and you can bet that I wanted the absolute best possible for myself. 


How does the system work?

You can count on SIA to find you where you're at, with specific guidance relevant to your actual life.

In the social plane, star wisdom is true 

  • This is efficient and individual astrology, not computer-generated conflicted psych readouts

  • It's always very important to me to be both efficient and effective. Life has enough challenges without getting bogged down in analyses. Let's get straight to the point. No auto-generated stuff that is full of self contradictions. 

  • Astrology is the parent of the sciences

  • As the original parent of the sciences, astrology, brought back in tune with astronomy, gives very reliable and actionable results. 

  • The social sphere has infinite variety of expression

  • More than 300 named stars in our visible sky all have places in the zodiac's 360 degree circle. Some stellar systems are in pairs, some in families up to seven. The advances in astronomy help us to see each individual star in its special nature. There is a profound harmony that blesses your life. No need for one-Sun dogma. 

  • Space-Time Continuum

  • Let the Universe speak directly to you. Power up your leadership, your tribal authority, your harmony in the human sphere. As above, so below.

    This was a goal my father passed on to me before he died, to find in the Space-Time Continuum a new way of harmony between the scientists and the religious. He had studied at MIT, majoring in physics. Later he studied industrial engineering. He taught management. He was my mentor. I was his project. As a young man, he'd hoped to be a psych research professor.

    You are the master of your life. What will you make of it, with the stars to guide you?

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