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Get your astro-tribal on!!

Today more than ever, we need practical astrology to help us through the sticky issues. Here is ultra-modern astrology. Hi, I'm Sally. I felt this practical need intensely in 2012, and I built this astrology from astronomy, so as to make my own astrology very grounded for extremely sticky issues of the modern world.  

My father was a brainiac, but he had his unresolved missions in life since childhood, involved around WWII politics, academics influenced by politics, poverty and blackballing, and psychotherapy that needs a broader basis of information. You know what sticky issues there are in education and school, right? My Dad and I had that up the wazoo. (Both have Mars in Cancer.)

You probably don't have so many education issues, but this is a neglected area in astrology today. How knowledge can help you, and your specific relation to it. Because it often ties in very deeply to blockages you are facing in your life. I can instantly identify some of the major things around this in your chart to loosen up sticky problems that can be holding you back from your greatness.

Broken families have become common, and this doesn't make it any easier to achieve a transition from Piscean universal vs cult cultures and Aquarian tribal cultures. Astrology is still very Piscean, focusing on universal ideals. Super-Intelligent Astrology is deeply tribal, and this can be a very new feeling to open up the old wounds of family.

But moving forward it's essential to serve your humanity as an individual. This is now possible. Expect more for your family on every level. You are the hero of your family, and you are empowered to deal with all the issues arising.

My Dad had 13 children from four wives (including one adopted from third wife) and of all those, I was the one he trusted with his secret aspirations from his heartfelt failures of youth, harm in the family he had both suffered and perpetrated and his stymied hopes to better himself. I have a tribe of 17 siblings. I've been the one to reach out and unite different parts of the family. But I couldn't have children of my own.

I'm sure you know what family issues are like. We all have them. But astrology barely skims this area in our usual experience. You will have got used to living with sticky issues that you think are hopeless. As a parent you may be in the hero role for your own kids.

There is a lot we can unpack there. Seriously. And the general dynamics of your own family situations can be outlined super-clearly in ten minutes to a half an hour, just for a basic clarification. I know it is scary to hope on this issue cos it's such an ingrained suffering. But you will see.

My father knew the secret of my own suffering, which was due to many secret issues, and he left clues when he died. I myself have some of the most difficult aspects known in horoscopes in my personal chart, and my father used to mentor me with long letters every few days after I left home for college at age 16. This continued till he died when I was 23, at up to 20 pages every week or so.

His foundation of knowledge was physics and industrial engineering but he had also taught management, and was self-taught in computer programming (in the early 80s). (But no we weren't rich. I was always hungry during high school. As a kid, me and my birth Mum barely scraped by with her as a solo mother.)

Dad was a Sunday School teacher who agonized over the divide between religion and science and hoped to resolve it through physics of the space-time continuum. I on the other hand had been exorcized by a bishop for losing my religion. I had some feminist issues in relation to religion. This may seem extreme, but I think we all go through stuff like this on some levels. 

Because I was adopted by my Dad's second wife, a Samoan, at age nine, I underwent a profound re-culturation, changing my native language from English to Samoan (my thinking language) at age 12. Later, I came to know the whole family of Pacific Island languages in general, and explore the nature of island tribal relations and psycholinguistics. It's just what happened in the melting pot. 

I turned also to my ancestral Gaelic on my mother's side, of which my birth mother and I had been entirely unaware. This came to me through an intellectual landlady. The gods have given me clues along the way as I've stumbled along.

You can find this tribal thing a bit intimidating, as it's not the way we're raised in the education system. (And I'm working on that.) But there are resources there for you. The stars can help guide you on that. Have faith that the stars know about your tribal needs and have the power to illuminate this path for you in the modern world.

You are the tribal warrior, the stars will show you that. So even though it seems new, it is very sustaining and relevant. It will speed up your evolution massively. You will feel that control is back in your own hands. Being the hero that you are will feel much more straightforward and do-able. It's not like the challenges will disappear. But they will feel much more natural to you, and you will be more in the role of managing your resources calmly.

I became involved in a lot of public issues in my native New Zealand, bringing my Hawaiian college experience/US heritage from my Bostonian Mayflower father, my experience in tropical Samoa, my Scottish heritage. We all have our origin story. Yours is known to the stars in fine details.

I trained as a teacher, after having trained in the native Maori language. I had been exploring many languages, indeed a non-English speaking big-time guru of India told me on first meeting me that my role is to bring about racial harmony in the world, and not to let anything stop me. That's how it feels to be understood! We got this!

You may have found religion to have been a polarizing issue, and that can happen within your soul too. There are good points in all of them and we ALL have beliefs, but why is there so much conflict? I found the answers in culture and language families, and in the stars. Every fixed star has elements of family and culture embedded in it. The stars live and die. They are not immune to our suffering and our dramas. 

Those words about my role in racial harmony from a stranger (one viewed by many as a living saint) sustained me through my first painful marriage, and then over 11 years living in Asia and the Middle East, and publishing the first two of nine dictionary projects designed to make real ethnic grammars and vocabularies accessible without exiting the culture to academic grammar.

I'm already 60, and I still have SO FAR to go, but I've created radical new tools. Let me help you in your own life, which is probably far more dazzling than mine, to accelerate your progress, so that you don't waste a lifetime mired in the stickiness of human conflicts, like we tend to do. Because I expect your potential is far greater than mine. And we need to work together. I am at your service!

In my education career I specialized in second language teaching and program creation. My second book contained many revolutionary theories and proofs of an entirely different world ethnic language family science, above and beyond the British Empire -derived system founded by William Jones (judge in British India), the linguistics used today. 

Unfortunately I came up against huge ridicule and hate from the establishment on any side of the tribal divides in 2012, when I undersold my second (American Indian) dictionary. I soft-sold the book in its formal launch in Sitka, Alaska, and missed my opportunity to connect with an intensely political and gatekeeper-oriented tribe based on the actual vocabularies. Trust is an essential part of tribal life.

The Anglo racism did the rest on radio and from there, internet. (Google 'Sally-Anne Lambert Hlingit' and you will see all the hate. I'd just ask that you take it with an extra large pinch of salt!) Meanwhile I was dealing with female politics of Islam from 2002 with second marriage to a Pakistani, followed by divorce and complications at work in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Bruce Lee said, "Do not pray for an easy life, but pray for the strength to endure a difficult one." The fact is that the terrors of human life are often very banal and commonplace to us. It is more vivid in childhood, but still its roots are in the routine elements of our lives. It's how we humans deal with power on every level.

Hate takes many forms but we all experience it and suffer from it. It can look VERY normal. Astrology is the highest view we can take, from the stars, to deal with it. To bring love to it. We can zing out to 400 light years away and more, easily, and back. 

Nothing is more terrifying than having followed and honed your personal religion throughout your life to find it severely under attack from all quarters. I had stirred the hornets' nest at the most basic untouched level, and they came at me on an intensely personal level of my spirituality. Rest assured that love is STILL the answer.

I had started with astrology at age 19, at the moment I found my innocence starting to slip away. I quit my bank job and worked in side sales for a magician. From him I bought an encyclopedia on astrology.

Do you miss your innocence? But it's still there, even no matter how tarnished. Let me hand your faith back to you, with interest. Because you're still the hero of your story. 

I had been using various forms of astrology, consulted various astrologers, along my path. But more than ever I ABSOLUTELY NEEDED A SUPER-SOLID EFFECTIVE ASTROLOGY, and therefore I set about creating one from scratch, using my background. Just as I'd done with languages.

I began to read the language of the stars from astronomy. A lot of data from sophisticated scientific equipment and observatories. It seemed that my father and all my ancestors watched over me. And my father's only sibling, a famous jazz singer.  :) Your life is a gold mine of ancestral powers and interconnected tribal links. 

At my time of need, 2012, Marina Macario had some good female-oriented fixed star articles and monthly new moon / full moon predictions, and I took the fixed star information and added astronomy of these individual stars. I always feel some nostalgia for my Dad, who never got to see me find my way through these issues that plagued us both. But of course there's still so much to do!

I made this astronomy-based astrology very methodical, and eventually in 2017 I made a hard decision. I newly required the auspices of each star to be 100% effective in every case study. This was a hard leap of faith, cos it was hard to trust the science THAT much.

When you have to make a leap of faith, or you have an illness or injury for that matter, it helps so much to have an astrology that is rock solid. That is what I want for you, to turbo charge your goals and dreams with futuristically extreme powers.

We all have our tales of the injustices of the medical world and the blocks that we experience in living our best life in vibrant health. I also use affirmations. In fact as a Christian I lost my religion, but kept its values, the ones I believe in. All these areas can represent significant challenges for our tribal path. Be assured the stars understand all of this in detail.

I refined charting of case studies to each auspice to ensure that this astrology is in no way hit-and-miss or vague. I nearly died of a blood and heart infection in the new year of 2018 at the end of January not long after my second Samoan stepmother died, but I had the thing, the new astrology, underway. I continued. I had many extended family members and some siblings around me from 2013 to 2020 in that formative period.

I noticed that not only myself but many others have been suffering from anxiety attacks or panic attacks and inflammations and bowel problems brought on by GMOs that I have been tracking in their illness effects since they came out in 1994. Of all the times I could have died in my life, I've become very aware of health, and have lived six years in an ashram (1986 to 1992 off and on) training in all areas of healing, grounded by my Pacific Island healing traditions.

In my luxury service, I have the luxury of bringing that healing forward also to serve. I am creating an affordable lifestyle resource area in our membership site. To connect the stars' guidance with the abundant resources here on earth.

As a Taurus Sun, I can be very cynical. I understand the need of a person to effectively solve problems, and not just hang onto them and talk about them, sinking into bad law-of-attraction processes.

This new astronomy-based astrology is scary precise so that people tend to think I looked them up, or that I'm psychic (a little bit, but that's not this). They tend to imagine there is an older major tradition I am tapped into, that they could read up about. No, no and no, although fixed stars is the most ancient form of astrology with older traditions.

But I'm not looking you up or reading your mind or using an older established system you can go read about. This is here and now tribal life experience in the modern world, and science. The usual reaction is 'amazing', and other superlatives... Just thank your LUCKY STARS that your hero path has brought you this miracle.

I'm a bird whisperer (a foster aunty was one), and I'm used to having an inside connection to nature. I'm used to an inside track culturally, through healing and language. (I've had to rebuild it over and over in different locations.)

I now have an inside track with the actual stars through science. They reveal their secrets to me. I can even with the initial normal astrology outline the basic truths of your life in ten minutes, and you may not want everybody listening in, in a group session, cos it's going straight to the matters. You know your hero experience is messy. There is black and white and grey.

I usually like to work with a person long-term as there is a lot to go through with maybe a hundred fixed stars, give or take, activated in your chart by planets etc.

Each star is approached in three stages, as they need to unveil their secrets step by step in order to not freak you out. Cos this stuff is hella accurate, and the further you go it gets very deep.

But there are always case studies to help you to love your fellow human as you see the same dynamics play out in their individual unique experiences. This is the path to Aquarian Age tribal empowerment right here. 

How to get access to ABA, astronomy-based astrology

This system is rolling out gradually as the astronomical data is processed. 

Basic chart reading

An improved traditional astrology

This is a good way to get a really concise look at your chart. The geometry of the chart is the most general info on your life experiences. Some key elements in your individual life will also stand out for the position of planets and nodes in your chart. (This is a human reading, not printout type.)

House meanings are slightly different in my riff on the traditional system, based on numerology of the houses, and get down to the main issues that people face easily and quickly. 

I can describe your specific life experience in ten minutes, and then get down to what your response is, and more specific details, affirmations, and pick up any other planetary aspects and placings that might have been overlooked. The picture tends to come up in layers. 

For really thorny issues, there could be one or two fixed stars that would illuminate the situation. 


Fixed Stars in your Chart

A coaching process

As outlined above, this is the revolutionary astronomy-based astrology or ABA. Astronomy came about through people building on astrology and having specific navigational needs. So here we are re-building astrology based on the data acquired through technology. 

We would start off with the traditional reading, as described at left. Then proceed to the stars. 

This astrology was born out of the author being dissatisfied with a zodiacal astrology out of sync with precession of the equinoxes. Having experience with healing, I decided to trust the physical stars as healers and not depend solely on accumulated mythology.

This service is offered as a luxury service to supporters who can afford to support a human-intensive process. Your support will help to lift up our service to eventually help more people.


Lifestyle Reports

Cosmic info picked up along the way

Along the way to evolving a reality-based astrology using astronomy as its basis, I had other concerns about realistic solutions to common problems. 

Here you can benefit from info I collected for use in my own life. I am not only an astrologer, but a healer, dictionarian, native linguist, gem collector with an interest in creating a new spiritual-based chemistry, biographer and environmental campaigner.

The early Arab astronomer-astrologers who gave us the star names used today had this tendency to be encyclopedic. Some of that info applies to anyone, and offers general wisdom. We all have free will. We are evolving.

Often finding myself an outsider and needing to find my way in, I got a teaching degree, and eventually taught language while researching around the world. I was given many gifts to help myself survive and thrive while also sharing with others. So some of the problems you face, I can help with general but also original info that has come to me on this journey. 


Be an SIA Member

I have a lifetime Groove account, and it supports memberships

If you want to join, just click the link and we will set you up. This is a process of me learning how to create all the digital systems we will use, but baby steps. This can be your first step to having your own spot where you can see all the things available to you. 

I feel like this is replacing the traditional website. Sort of the inner website, if you will. A way to keep connected whenever you want, and to see things as they evolve. I hope to make it to serve you as much as possible at any stage in your journey. I hope to personalize it to your individual self. 


Join the Facebook Group

'Fixed Star Guidance System'

One of the hardest things for me has been to know how to sync the service with the market of what people want. Given that I am often in my head figuring out how the various processes and business demands should work, decoding the star data, I felt that just connecting with folks and sharing the journey was a good approach. 

I personally am always changing so much as divine guidance leads me in what I need to learn and gain in order to accomplish my destiny, so it's sometimes hard to put myself in the shoes of the client. Here I get to connect with you, help you, make the first steps in the fixed star auspices available.

You can search the page for stars you are interested in. While other astrologers do videos on YouTube on current aspects like angles between planets, entry of planets into signs, and especially of lunar phases and eclipses, I am putting that kind of thing into the Facebook group. 

I try to make it mostly relevant to fixed stars. There are also case studies in there with links, often to songs by the persons appearing in the studies. Or other usually YouTube links that shed light on those fixed star examples. There are memes and the occasional video by me.


Luxury Coaching Program

Full year intensive support

This is a very specific set of information tailored to your individual horoscope. It makes sense to me to serve the wealthy client who can support my work with their generous payment toward my service. 

I can put the full wealth of my information and systems to work for you in a person-to-person service, and by supporting me, you will be helping all the others who can later benefit from the richness in astronomy-based astrology. 

For me to benefit the public properly, I need to take this system to its ultimate use as a very real and detailed system on the luxury level, based on scientific data and scientifically-done case studies. This bird of public service needs to grow the feathers of sophisticated digital systems, processed star data and full sets of processed case studies, and eventually cross-referenced auspices for mining themes before it can fly as a regular service. I have enough ready to serve a few individuals, with gaps filled in real time as necessary. 

The system is designed to be 100% reliable. It's not a hit and miss contradictory method. So I want to offer it as a fully-personalized luxury service at first, and only later with the resources this provides I can create apps and partly-automated courses, certification and so on. 

With this luxury service, you are getting not only a personal astrologer on call, but a revolutionary system of which you are the first beneficiaries.


How do our courses work?

There are options for every commitment level. Astronomy data is still being crunched for some fixed stars. 

Meeting real needs in the real world. 

  • Entirely personalized, no computer generated shortcut

  • There is no one like you, and no basic computer generated report can serve your specific identity. That being said, this is highly efficient astrology. Traditional aspects are very condensed, and aligned to the more essential human needs in life. 

  • Learn from the best

  • There are so many great astrologers but all are operating from a traditional field of myth, history, collective experience, geometry and synchronicity. The new astronomy basis of SIA is unique and uses hard science (stellar astrophysical data, precise case studies match every detail). 

  • Positivity and free will

  • The premise of SIA is that the stars or planets do not create your reality. However they are so large and powerful, with many fixed stars being far bigger than our Sun, that they act as agents of universal cosmic reality. They help you attune to the bigger picture of your universe. It's the effective way to align yourself.

  • Massive shifts all the time

  • As the creator of SIA, I (Sally) operated from a perspective of personal need from the beginning. My needs have always been cosmic since before I was even born (attacked by poison in the womb). Culturally I had massive shifts to adapt to from childhood. 

    This called on me to reposition myself in the world. Great cultural expansion and consolidation was necessary. New healing paradigms were required. I have been driving change for 60 years like an active star appearing small in the sky but busy creating. I deliver MASSIVE progress. 

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